Why is there still smoking in movies?

Wouldn’t all of us who go to the movies want to know just how much huge cigarette companies like Phillip Morris pay producers of movies to show people smoking in movies? It seems very clear that to get enough money to make movies for many of these producers, receiving big payoffs from the big cigarette companies is one great way to get more money. This is not the 30’s, 40’s or 50’s anymore. We have all known for over 40 years now that smoking kills people in about 100 different ways and because of this, movies should not show any actor in any role smoking and should have been banned a long time ago.

The movie Freeheld which has recently been released shows smoking for the first time as what it really is: a habit that kills people horribly, with lung cancer, heart ailments and numerous other cancers. Maybe one day hopefully there will be a huge boycott of movies that show characters smoking; but until that time, it seems that there will be no end or even a reduction of smoking in movies which I for one am very sick of seeing so often.

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Hollywood and Smoking: A Brief History

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